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Balmer Black, P.C’s debt settlement and Bankruptcy lawyers have successfully represented hundreds of individuals against debt collection companies and debt collection law firms. Our attorneys handle pre-litigation cases, debt collection lawsuits, in addition to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Everyone’s situation is different and that is why our attorneys will work to understand your individual situation. Let our lawyers put their years of experience to work for you.

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In our clients’ words

“Balmer Black did an excellent job with my case! Not only were they professional and friendly, but everything went as expected!”

Adrianne P.

“Adam has been incredibly helpful with an unfair debt collection issue. He has been professional, reliable, and has not stopped working to resolve my issue when the debt collector has done everything possible to avoid his letters and calls! We'd have been completely lost without Adam!”

Scott C.

“Working with Evan, Adam and their team at Balmer Black, PC made an unexpected situation stress free and manageable. I was kept informed of EVERYTHING throughout the entire process and was given answers to all of my questions. They literally took care of everything and knew exactly how to handle my situation.”


“Extremely knowledgeable, kind and HONEST team. They were easy to work with, answered my millions of questions (very quickly) and ultimately saved my life. I highly recommend Balmer Black ... Adam and Josh will continue to be my go-to guys.”

Amy C.

“Balmer & Black Law Firm has been a great help to both my personal and professional life. I am very thankful for the skilled and courteous individuals and would refer anyone to work with them. Above business it's trust, Balmer & Black know that best.”

Josh M.

“Working with Adam was a great experience. He was very thorough and answered all my questions in a timely manner. I would absolutely recommend Adam.”


Debt Relief & Bankruptcy Resources

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Potential clients will often contact our office and ask how a lawsuit could be filed against them if they have not been personally served with a Summons. Good Question! Unfortunately, New York Law does not require that the plaintiff, the party suing you, personally hand…

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Do I Qualify For Bankruptcy?

In order to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy you must qualify by passing the means test. The “means test” was designed to limit the use of chapter 7 to only those who truly cannot repay their debts. To qualify, your household income must lower than your…

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Will I Lose My House or Apartment If I File For Bankruptcy?

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5 Major Myths of Bankruptcy

Many people do not understand how bankruptcy works and have many misconceptions about the process. Bankruptcy often is looked at as a big scary life-changing event, and as such, comes with embellishment and exaggeration of the truth. Unfortunately, these false facts can scare people away…

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